Big Data Analytics

Decision making based on large and complex data is hard and often impossible without years of expertise. A common way in practice is to neglect some of the interdependencies and to investigate smaller pieces of data independently. Mathematical optimization methods can improve your decisions by taking all interdependencies among the data into account. We develop customized software tools powered by mathematical optimization algorithms to support and improve your decision making process.

Our approch to big data optimization is based on mathematical optimization methods. Mathematical optimization is applicable to a wide variety of tasks across all industries. The main advantage over other approaches is that solutions always come together with a guarantee of quality.

One key ingredient to put this technology to use for a specific problem is to develop an appropriate mathematical model. The other is to use an appropriate software that is able to understand and solve the model.

We are experts in both modeling and mathematical optimization algorithms. In order to provide the best possible solutions, we always work in close contact with our customers. Read more details on how we create models and optimization software for your specific task.