About us

Especially in the last two decades huge progress has been made in research on mathematical optimization algorithms. Today stable implementations of these algorithms are available in commercial software packages that are capable of solving even highly complex real-world problems to optimality. Mathematical optimization has become a technology.

Although mathematical optimization is likely to be the best suited tool to solve decision problems, i.e., in supply chain management, production planning, network operation, scheduling, and many other field of industry and business, this new technology is not yet broadly established. A lot of decision makers are even not yet aware of its existence.

In cause of this, the develOPT GmbH has been founded as a spin-off from the chair of economics and discrete optimization of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in 2013.

Since then we carried out a number of successful projects in mathematical optimization software development and operations research software consulting and training. Among our customers are several well-known companies from different branches of industry and education.

Our clients benefit from the latest developments in mathmatical optimization as we still maintain close contact to researchers and research institutes all over Germany and abroad.

Let us help you to unveil the potential of mathematical optimization for your company. With more than 10 years of expertise in mathematical optimization software, modeling, and algorithm development, we provide solutions perfectly tailored to your requirements.